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Watch 100 Onces Play a House Show (with lots of crowd surfing)

It’s no secret that we like to party. That’s why when 100 Onces (pronounced “once is”) needed a place to hold a fundraiser for their UK tour late last year, we offered our living room as a legitimate spot to host such festivities. Of course you know by now we’ve been doing Haus shows for some time, but this one was extra special — especially since we had one demand: that everyone crowd-surfed, at least once.

From the suburban neighborhood of La Crescenta, this DIY duo is one of LA’s hidden gems. Drummer Richard Ray and guitarist Barrett Tuttobene have managed to roll a mathy-punk rock super joint — and the high will make you scream “Oh Me Gee.”

The group released three albums on their own Mother Turf label (which also serves as a collective to numerous bands), and are currently working on new material. Next month they’ll head out on a string of dates to and from Austin, TX for SXSW and will cross the pond once again to Europe later this summer.

Here’s some footage we caught of the show that nearly gave our camera-dude a concussion. Surf’s up.

PS. This band owes us a new oscillating fan. Fucking guy, no offense.

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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Johnny Booth’s New Song “Passages”

We fell head over heels for Johnny Booth when they put out their 2012 album Connections. You’ve heard their track “Ink And Sky” featuring Tommy Rogers of BTBAM, right? That album gave us so many chills that we put it as one of our favorite records of the year. The downside: it left us jonesin’ for more.

After two years of stalking their every move, Johnny Booth are back with a new release — this time with an EP called The Bronze Age. It comes out this Saturday through Hotfoot Records, and we’re thrilled to premiere a brand new song from it titled “Passages.”

Dont forget — they’ll be doing an EP release show in Long Island, NY on February 15th at the Amityville Music Hall. And from all of us here on the West Coast, we have our fingers crossed for some SoCal shows.


photo by Craig Jay

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Evergreen Terrace’s Craig Chaney Opens Up About their First Album in Four Years

Can you believe Evergreen Terrace put out their sixth studio album last month? Since the release of 2009’s Almost Home it’s been constant ups and downs for Jacksonville’s finest hardcore band. But even with a lineup adjustment, a label change, and life getting in the way, guitarist/vocalist Craig Chaney was able to keep it together. He opened up to us about his 13-year career with Evergreen, and why Dead Horses may be their best record yet.

How does it feel to have put out your sixth album, the first in 4 years?

It’s been four years since we put out Almost Home. It feels good. It’s been a long time coming. The writing process has been years. We didn’t even know if we were going to put another record out with Josh [James] leaving the band and Andrew going to school. The band members were taking different paths but then got together and decided that this is what we do; and we decided we hadn’t put out our best work and that we had more in us. That’s pretty much what happened.

Why was there such a huge time span in between records?

A lot has happened with the band in the past four years. From us leaving Metal Blade to members leaving the band. It was great though because our former bass player rejoined the band and our current bass player just move to guitar. It was like old times; it was like a breath of fresh air. It pushed us in the right direction and then we contacted Rise and asked them if they would want to put out a record and they said yes. We were excited about that.

So you pretty much called Rise and asked them to pick you up and they did?

I’ve known a guy at Rise for most of our career, about 13 years. His old band used to tour with Evergreen. It was one of those bands that we toured with where we instantly hit it off. We played South By Southwest a few years ago and we actually played the Rise Records showcase; and at that show and I hadn’t seen him for a few years. We were still on Metal Blade and we just hung out and had a great conversation. He told me that if we ever left Metal Blade and needed a place, just to hit him up. So that’s exactly what happened. When we left Metal Blade and decided to put out another record we decided against a Kickstarter and joined Rise. It was a really fast process and I liked what they did with the label. They stay relevant and they sign all these bands that they like and personally love. So I like the diversity of the label compared to most labels out there.

What’s the record about? Did you have a theme?

We came up with the title of the record several years ago. It was almost going to become the title of our last record Almost Home. It’s kind of an obvious title in a way but it kind of deals with themes of what we’ve been going through in the past four years. Our writing perspective is usually pretty personal but also some of it deals with some social observation and things in our personal life. Things that we’ve been dealing with. Being a blue collar band, stuff that we feel passionate about. We’ve never really written about that before through Evergreen Terrace before. It was nice to have a new perspective and address some of those things.

What was your favorite song off Dead Horses and why?

It’s tough. It’s weird because writing these songs has been a two-and-a-half year process and now that the album has come out, I don’t really know. “Browbeaters Anonymous” was a different approach to songwriting. We also did different tuning on the record. It added to the dynamic. It’s hard, I hear certain songs on certain days and I feel things I can’t really describe. I guess I would say “Browbeaters” was my favorite track.

How has been the feedback been on the album so far?

It has been overwhelmingly positive. I did not expect it from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — all social media for that matter. You’re going to have the random kids being trolls, but they’re entitled to their own opinion. But for the most part it has been extremely positive, which is great and hopefully everyone else digs it. People were saying it’s the best thing we’ve ever done and I wasn’t prepared for any of this. With Josh leaving the band, it actually left a lot of the songwriting up to me, so it was probably the most personal record I’ve ever done with Evergreen because it was pretty much all on my shoulders, so the responses have been a relief. It’s been a questionable thing when a founding member leaves the band. How is this going to effect the band, the members, how is everyone going to react? Can we stay true to our sound and still try things that we always wanted to try but haven’t? Now I think it’s crazy. Some of our oldest fans are freaking out over the record and I think that’s great.

I was excited to see that Dead Horses was released on vinyl as well as CD.

That’s one thing that’s great about Rise. Every record label we’ve ever been on we’ve always wanted to put a record out on vinyl. Our second album was on vinyl and it was done by some kid who contacted us asking if he could press 200 copies of it and sell them. We told him “Please do!” One of the great things about Rise is that I never have to ask them for anything. Every time I talk to them I have a list of questions and they would always get answered before I was able to ask them. The pre-order bundles they came up with were amazing, it’s crazy. I’m a vinyl geek so I was beyond stoked. Even I have a couple copies coming.

How did this record show your progression since you joined the band?

Evergreen Terrace existed for about six months before I joined the band. They put out a 4-song EP locally and the originally guitar player left the band and I was contacted. I was in a post hardcore band and we were all friends because we grew up in the same scene. The first time I ever saw Evergreen live, I said to myself, “I have to be in this band.” I was fresh getting into hardcore and I was huge into heavy music so when I finally joined I was happy to bring my own guitar style, and to meld it with their punk and hardcore style. I joined and we wrote the first record “Losing All Hope” and it’s been a steady progression. We’ve never had a record produced by anyone. It’s always been self-produced except for the engineer, but we’ve never had someone come in and do the whole production thing “Try this out. Play this better, etc.” It’s never been like that. It’s always been straight Evergreen, even up until now. I feel like through the years, and with experience, we’ve gotten a little better at [writing songs]. I’m happy where we’re at. We took a couple chances on the record. We write something we want to listen to and we aren’t too concerned about what other people are going to like. No disrespect to our fans and long time listeners, but we really just want to write music we like. I actually listen to this record and I haven’t listened to one of records in a very long time. (laughs.)

What’s the plan for Evergreen Terrace now that the record is out? I know you are embarking on a European tour in January.

Yeah! With Suicidal Tendencies which is crazy. We’re doing Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and we’re planning a US Tour right now. We try to go everywhere we can go pretty much. We want to hit up South America and Southeast Asia. Get back to Japan and Australia. It’s all pretty open right now. There’s nothing solidly booked, but we’re definitely going to get back on the road. I think we might even specifically plan a California tour so San Diego would definitely be on the list.

Evergreen Terrace tour dates (Europe):

w/ Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Strife
Jan 16 Berlin, GER @ Astra
Jan 17 Saarbrucken, GER @ Garage
Jan 18 Oberhausen, GER @ Turbinehalle
Jan 19 Deinze, BEL @ Briellepoort
Jan 20 Paris, FRA @ Bataclan
Jan 21 Wiesbaden, GER @ Schlachthof
Jan 22 Zurich, CHE @ Komplex
Jan 23 Munchen, GER @ Backstage
Jan 24 Hamburg, GER @ Grosse Freiheit 36
Jan 25 Dresden, GER @ Event Werk
Jan 26 Tilburg, NLD @ O13

w/ Strife
Jan 27 Kiev, UKR @ Bingo
Jan 28 Moscow, RUS @ Plan B
Jan 29 St. Petersburg, RUS @ Mod

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The RRS Top 7 Albums of 2013

We prefer to pick the odds. That’s why instead of 10 we’re going with seven of our favorite albums of 2013. We know, there were a lot of rad records put out this year, but not all of them hit the spot like these did. So queue up Spotify and set aside the sauerkraut as we countdown the best albums of 2013. Don’t forget to add extra rum to that eggnog.



07. Native

(Sargent House)

We’ve had a huge crush on Native since the release of their 2010 album Wrestling Moves. Now with Orthodox, our infatuation with this Indiana quartet has become even more intense. Bold and daring with undertones that remind us of Fugazi, there’s nothing too orthodox about it. And that unconventionality is exactly why we love Native. Thanks for putting out one of the best records of the year. 



06. The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us is the Killer 

(Party Smasher/Sumerian)

We’re pretty sure Ben Weinman did it — or at least he did it again. The fifth studio album from the almighty Dillinger proves why this monster is the leading powerhouse of heavy music. And if you don’t believe us, check out the title track of the record or “Hero of the Soviet Union.” Dillinger reminds us again that it sure does feel good to be a sinner.



05. Queens of the Stone Age

…Like Clockwork

Any year-end list without the new QOTSA record isn’t worth caring about. Inspired by Josh Homme’s near death experience, …Like Clockwork is haunting and eerie, and catchy enough to stay in your bloodstream for weeks. And with guest appearances by Trent Reznor, Elton John and others, you can’t really go wrong. Crazy shit happens in the desert.



04. Letlive
The Blackest Beautiful


Nobody can deny that Letlive has carved a place for themselves in the world of heavy music. Stage antics aside, they’ve managed to capture the spirit of the times and speak to today’s youth with a nicely packaged rebellion. Songs like “Empty Elvis” and “27 Club” are indicators that the band is here to stay. And if we’ve learned anything in 2013, it’s that Letlive knows ll.ove.



03. Deafheaven


Pass the Coppertone Kids. Or you may get burned with the latest release from Deafheaven. Who would’ve guessed that a black metal band would create the perfect soundtrack for a nice summer day at the beach? A brilliant combination of bright and dark, heavy and melodic, Sunbather is the jam you need when building your epic sandcastle or strolling the boardwalk of Venice Beach. Make sure you catch them on tour with BTBAM.



02. NK
Nothing to be Gained Here

(Triple Crown)

The album title is a bit misleading. In fact, there’s a lot to be gained here with the debut release from NK. These Long Islanders have Kim Jong-il rolling in his grave with songs like “King” and “X It Out.” Oh, and the band also features Billy Rymer of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Whatever the future holds for these dudes, we wish them a long and successful korea.



01. Night Verses
Lift Your Existence

(Easy Killer)

If you snooze, you lose. So don’t get left behind on Night Verses, who lands at #1 with their album Lift Your Existence. You know how history often repeats itself? Well, if the 90s are making any sort of comeback, these dudes are the tide of the new wave. Post-rocky with lots of grit, Night Verses offer enough intensity to soften up the most pretentious hipsters and even lower the guards of the elitist scene kids. To them we tip our hats.

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An Interview with Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan on Wrongdoers

Norma Jean’s fall tour with Vanna and KEN mode has been a hectic one. The other week while passing through Chicago somebody broke into their van and took a bunch of their personal belongings. “Someone broke into our van and stole a lot from us,” the group said on Facebook. “Not sure what to think right now.”

But in the midst of turmoil frontman Cory Brandan has a way of keeping his mind tight, to where even petty thieves from the Windy City cant stop the turning gears of the Normachine. “We will live and our belongings and the money that was stolen can be replaced,” he later commented about the incident. “We know that things like this happen but we love music and playing for you guys.”

Perhaps that’s the kind of attitude that has allowed Norma Jean to maintain their longevity over the past decade. On the LA stop of their current tour we caught up with Cory Brandan to talk about the band’s lengthy career and everything that went into their new record Wrongdoers.

Norma Jean remaining tour dates:

Dec 12 Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile
Dec 13 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade