UPON A BURNING BODY’s Frontman: Everyone Hates What We Did and They’re Blaming Me


You know the publicity stunt that Upon A Burning Body pulled earlier this month where frontman Danny Leal went missing? For the first time since it happened Leal spoke publicly about the incident and said that everybody is blaming him.

There’s More from HE IS LEGEND – “Smoker Scoff”


In a few weeks He Is Legend will put out their first new album since 2009. A record that came together slowly after coming out of hiatus, the band’s forthcoming effort is titled Heavy Fruit. This weekend they’ll be kicking off a summer US tour in support of the upcoming release with their pals...(Read More)

Here’s Another ADEBISI SHANK Song – “World In Harmony”


Just a few more weeks away before the new album from Adebisi Shank comes out. The band’s forthcoming record,  This is the Third Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank, gets put out in mid-August, and we’ve gotta say: these songs keep getting better and better.

Listen to RED FANG’s New Acoustic EP


Red Fang will give your beard a run for its money. And this new EP will make you feel even more manly. The band released an acoustic EP from a session they did in London a few months back, and it’s comprised of songs that appeared on their albums...(Read More)

Beartooth to Tour with Pierce The Veil & Sleeping with Sirens


Beartooth will be going on massive US tour this fall supporting Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens. The trek will cross the entire US and will run for a month.

Being As An Ocean, Vanna, & My Iron Lung are Touring Europe


Heads up, Europe. Being As An Ocean, Vanna, My Iron Lung, and Crooks will be heading your way this fall.